About Us

Family Tree for Children (Formally Family Tree), is a California nonprofit organization. Motivated by a personal experience with missing children, Family Tree for Children was established by Arby D. Thomas.  The organization’s purpose is dedicated to the recovery of runaway and missing children, our  geographical focus is in the California Bay Area and surrounding areas, however as we grow, our service will be available throughout the State of California, and surrounding areas.

Since its beginning Family Tree for Children has worked to develop a nonprofit organization that provides services to families and friends of missing children in the community. We have worked with other non-profit organizations in East Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Mountain View and Tucson Arizona to provide services in the different communities.

We have also collaborated with professional volunteers such as videographers, video editors and local T.V. Stations to provide Public Service Announcements about missing children in the area, information about the issues of missing children and information about public events that involve missing children. We are currently working towards training with private investigators willing to donate their time to the program and other professionals, to educate our group, on technology that will be helpful in locating missing children nationwide.