Annual Campaign Goals

Currently Family Tree for Children is looking to raise $50,000, by the end of 2017, for its missing children’s program. The money will be used for training, office supplies and equipment needed in several subject related to missing children and missing children investigation.

Family Tree for Children is kicking off its 2017 Annual Campaign starting in June 2017. It is our goal to raise $50,000 in order to help support our:

Child Identification Program

Helps to provide parents with personal safety documents for their children: $15,000 is needed

Additional Training in the Location and Recovery of Missing Children. Our role in location assistance will includes: Providing Emotional Support, Technical Information, Search Assistance, Working with Law Enforcement Agencies, and The Child’s Recovery: $17,000 is needed

Our November 2017 Candle Light Walk in Remembrance of Runaway Children

Family and friends of runaway and missing children will be invited to join together, for a time of reflection and to share their memories of their missing child. During this time they will light a candle and walk around downtown. This symbolizes a candle left in the house window, to light the way back home: $8,000 is needed

Our annual campaign includes

Crowd Funding Event 2017

In which Family Tree for Children will be offering handmade jewelry made from Lapis, Hematite and labradorite. Each having unique properties.

Other items will be included in our crowd funding event as the event gets closer.

  • Increase our Vehicle Donations in 2017 by 20 donated cars
  • Increase our Sign Ups to our Grocery Card Program by 300 people
  • Funds from Public Donations