Board Of Directors

Arby Thomas – Chairman
Mr. Thomas is Founder and Chairman of Family Tree for Children (Formally Family Tree.) He has over five years of experience in social work, active child development and psychology. His personal experience with missing children motivated him to start the organization in 1997.

Kevin Mizuhara – Assistant Chairman
Mr. Mizuhara has worked in the high technology and banking industries for over ten years. He has worked as a marketing manager for Sony Electronics Inc. and other high tech companies. He is currently working for Google.

Clara Obeng – Secretary
Ms. Obeng, a retired entrepreneur, has successfully started and operated serveral businesses.  Her experience includes positions in public relations, advertising, education and cosmetology.

Elinor Boyedoe – Treasurer
Ms. Boyedoe, a graduate of Phillips Jr. College in Campbell has paralegal experience and a background in tax preparation from H&R Block. She has been employed as an accountant for Rita Medical, Four Seasons Hotel and a local church. Ms. Boyedoe is currently working as an accountant at a local college.