Programs and Services

  • Child Identification Program:  This Program is to help provide parents with personal safety documents for their children. This program will help provide parents and authorities with valuable information and the single most useful tool in helping to recover a missing child: a current, high quality, photograph.

Future programs as funding allows:

  • Support Groups for Missing Children and their Families:   Our support groups will cover ways for  parents, children and extended families, to: Prepare for the Long Term Search, ways to put their anger and grief to work for them, ways to release their emotions, the benefits of peer support for themselves and their family, and ways  to help their children to regain physical and emotional strength.
  • Resources and Referral Service:  Victimized families often need help on many different levels, in the area of emotional, technical, legal, and financial support. Our referral service provides a listing of professionals who can offer various levels of services to missing children and their families.
  • Poster / Picture Dissemination:  Photo dissemination is an effective technique used to locate missing children. This locator tool is the most widely recognized, most important, requiring the public’s involvement.
  • Prevention and Educational Program:   Our workshops include instructions for every child, parent, and professionals in a school setting. We can teach children to be more aware of their surroundings and to develop assertiveness skills.
  • Assisting in the Location and Recovery of Missing Children:  From the beginning of a case to until its conclusion, a great deal of information and action will be taken by our agency and our volunteers. Our role in location assistance includes: Providing Emotional Support , Technical Information, Search Assistance, Working with Law Enforcement Agencies, and The Child’s Recovery.